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Instituto Highlands

Vis à vis the integral formation of leaders, families and communities, we are the most important Catholic educational option in the south part of Mexico City.

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Apple® recognizes schools and educational programs around the world with outstanding innovation, leadership and educational excellence. Consequently, and due to our pedagogical model, HighTIC's XXI we were awarded recognition as an Apple Distinguished School. Furthermore, we have also been accredited by AdvancED®, the largest in the world of education.

About our Credentials

Differentiated Education
within Co-Ed Environments

Aware of the need to promote healthy interactions between boys and girls, our school has developed a unique model in order to satisfy the needs of the southern area of Mexico City, whereby both male and female students spend time with each other in the same school facilities and share certain activities, but receive differentiated instruction within the classroom.

Differentiaded Instruction from 1st Grade (elementary School) through 11th Grade (High School).

Co-ed Environments
within the same campus.

Pre-School and 12th Grade Are Fully Co-ed.


“Es H de hacer, para crear,
para imaginar”

H de Highlands



Besides graduating from high school having achieved eight international certifications in Foreign Languages and Technology, our students study diverse subjects in English, thereby promoting a high level of bilingual dominance and fluency, as well as encouraging the development of critical thinking, which is absolutely necessary for passing their certifications. Our students present standardized examinations, such as College Board's PAA and SAT, which open the doors of both national and foreign universities. In addition, our school offers university positioning subjects, for instance the AP subjects from the Advanced Placement Program.

The Highlands Institute is recognized for its academic excellence, and we are proud to say that our results speak for themselves.



We have developed a unique and innovative pedagogical model, which integrates technology within the classroom setting. Thanks to our wireless, campus-style network, to mobile devices for each student, to selected educational apps, to trained professors, iTunes U® courses, and to optic fiber web access, we are constantly at the cutting-edge of education. Moreover, we are able to offer our students the best tools for the future, including our Robotics program and our Technology certifications.


per Adult


handed out




Teachers hold
Post-Graduate Degrees

Bilingual Department

Since learning foreign languages, particularly English and French, is such an essential skill, and because they are used in all learning areas, and offer a clear competitive advantage in personal, professional, and work progress, it has become one of our priorities.

Foreign languages are not only the means to effective communication they are also a reflection of an expanded view of the world, as well as a vehicle for cultural expression. Furthermore, a person´s identity will be closely related to the languages that he or she is fluent in.



Sports award every person the chance to attain integral formation. At a young age, sports help psychomotor development, as well as sociability and teamwork. Further on, they become an opportunity to form character and will through discipline and tenacity. Besides this, sports help students strengthen friendships and deepen feelings of belonging to the school community.


and Values

Our students receive a solid instruction in moral and religious values, consequently establishing a basis for positive leadership, which will guide them towards transforming their environment and caring for the wellbeing of others, supported by their faith in God.